We have a passion for helping those who have suffered a spinal cord injury maximize their recovery - with the hopes of finding their own miracle. 


Save the date!!

Excited to announce our 10th Annual Family Curran Open taking place on October 7th, 2019.

Each year we bring together our amazing donors and a special beneficiary the embodies all of what the 33 Foundation stands for.

Stay tuned for beneficiary details and the incredible ways we plan to celebrate making it to 10 years, thanks to all of you!

Matt's 15 Year Milestone

Matt Curran, Founder of The 33 Foundation, celebrates his 15 year milestone post accident, where he defies the odds he was given to walk again "One in 10 Million".

In a recent video, he talks about his journey to where his is today and how he continues to work on his strong recovery from his Spinal Cord Injury in 2001.

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Meet Our Beneficiaries!

33 Foundation has supported, with the help of our dedicated volunteers and donators, more than 10 individuals, organizations and families!

Learn more about who we’ve helped here!