Matthew Curran, a former Providence College hockey player, founded the 33 Foundation in 2010 and incorporated with the State of Massachusetts in 2012. His passion stems from his own personal triumph recovering from a spinal cord injury.

In 2001, an accident left Matt paralyzed from the chest down, with better odds of winning the lottery twice than ever walking again. It took a lot of intensive treatment, family and friend support and personal strength but Matt regained mobility and was able to walk again on his own. Today, he continues his recovery with fine motor training and has completed the 5K Ruckus Run, is working on his balance and jogging and has recently found a passion for boxing.

The significance of the number 33 in Matt’s life before and after the accident is how the foundation was named. Matt’s hockey number, 33, there are 33 vertebraes are in the human spine, and Matt fell 3 stories – approximately 33 feet.

His belief and passion behind the 33 Foundation is to help those that have a similar drive to his own and helping them recover from their spinal cord injury in whatever way that may be. Providing them support, funding, or a community where they can feel welcomed.